VedoNonVedo - Daisy grande

New product

Decorative element for furnishing and dividing rooms

cm 52 x 52

design arch. R. Testolin

Package: 1 pc.

20,74 € VAT incl.

VedoNonVedo redefines the concept of space. The VedoNonVedo collection is a line of decorative elements which come in various designs and colours.

With these elements you can not only divide and organise a room, you can also furnish that room in a new and original way. In addition to furnishing the house, VedoNonVedo is perfect for use in public spaces, offices and shops, as well as for creating sets.

VedoNonVedo is made of a thermoplastic material and fitted with hooks so that the various elements can be connected together.

With its sharp yet soft lines, Daisy is reminiscent of a stylised daisy.

Use suspended partition
Features 1 piece with 3 metal hooks
Dimensions of each piece (cm) 52 x 52
Weight 0,595 kg